To follow one’s path is not to program it.” Jacky Craissac

Placed under the sign of music and freedom, Jacky Craissac’s life course is deeply marked by the origins of his maternal family, a singular childhood as well as an artistic and educational commitment guided by his hypersensitivity and his permanent quest for authentic inner sound.
His protean work is inseparable from the man he was. It undeniably bears the imprint of the values of the gypsy world and of the flamenco Arte and, beyond that, of an ancestral heritage which runs through him and which he selflessly transcends through his creative genius.

The artist… And it was from the 1970s that his commitment and his quest for an inner sound guided him towards the acoustics of materials, harmonics, infra-bass and melodies.

The pedagogue … an artistic work of the human being that he develops in his school of artistic expression of oral transmission through sound and rhythm in the South West of France from 1970 to 2010.