A laudatory press

A laudatory press

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2010 – A master of percussion and sound

Sud Ouest – A. De Baecke

2008 – 5 days workshop to discover yourself

2008 – The master of sounds

Sud Ouest – A. Claverie

“At the source of music. The musician rouses everything that is vital in the art of sound. He brings to light the circumstances that give birth to sound while revealing and transmitting its full emotional and spiritual richness, with such evidence that no treaty could ever have.”

Luc Bourrousse – Sud Ouest – 22 mars 2007

“I am dependent on emotion. The conservatory is the school of knowledge. As for me, I belong to the school of transmission.”

Boris Touleyrou – Le Républicain – 22 mars 2007

“Jacky Craissac, master of resonance. It is naturally when the instruments start to vibrate under the virtuoso fingers (let’s not forget the jazz drummer who was first the musician, alongside Bill Coleman…) of their creator that they take on their true dimension, revealing a whole universe whose greatest richness is perhaps the inner resonance it gives rise to.”

Luc Bourrousse – Sud Ouest – 28 février 2006

“Jacky Craissac’s vibrations. On the occasion of illustrated conferences taking place with children and teachers from the Gradignan music school (France, Gironde). The word I’m fighting for is difference. I am in the transmission of the ancestral heritage. I am not learning music… Jacky Craissac assures us: he does not know before entering the stage what music will come out of his mallets, metal sails, tibetan bells, gongs and drums that accompany him.”

Gilles Guitton – Sud Ouest – 3 février 2006

2003 – Rhythms and Sounds workshop

Sud Ouest

“Freedom of resonance…It is quite evident that Jacky Craissac’s work is supported by the rhythmic element in music. He does play with melodic fragments, yet when he begins experimenting for example with sequences of fifths and fourths, it is not rare for his playing to overflow like the bed of a river and remain in the background with regard to the tension components and compared to the harmonic aspects…”

Michael Rieth – Frankfurter Rundschau – Francfort culture – 3 juin 2003
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Original en allemand

“Darmstadt. It is now four decades since Jacky Craissac has been living the origin of sound and rhythm. The Frenchman, formerly a jazz drummer, creates his own instruments and sound bodies so that the sound miracles, filled with spirituality, may come true.”

Boris Halva – Darmstädter Echo – 5 juin 2003
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Original en allemand

2002 – Alchemist of Expression workshop

Sud Ouest

2001 – Concert PORTO 2001 Complied to sound

Sud Ouest

“The melody of sounds…Jacky Craissac aspires to more creative, more respectful universality through his music. It is not surprising then, that he should be brought into this new and unique style of collaboration with Chinese author Xingjian Gao – recording “a melody of sounds ” to accompany Mr. Gao’s play “To Dialogue/to Take aback”

Jean-Luc Gleyze – Sud Ouest – 19 octobre 1999

 “The spirit of flamenco…One wishes the journey into the un-predictable and the unsubmissive were without end.”

Roch Bertrand – Point de Vue – Sud Ouest – 17 mars 1999

“…The quality and the beauty of the materials he uses – hide, wood, metal – could make them works of art on their own; but, the aim is different : for the objects to be subservient to sound alone…”

H. Pons – Sud Ouest – mars 1999

”The sound sculptor…It is thus a wholly original alchemy of sounds, an invitation to a journey of the senses which Jacky Craissac is offering for two nights at the Molière Theatre…”

Valérie de Saint-Do – Sud Ouest – Bordeaux – 1 mars 1996

“Harmonics… The journey of the workshop visibly summons up Andalucia, and rhythms that would not be out of place in the works of Bartok or Stravinsky. An arresting, beautiful “proposition” awaiting (a) partner(s). So much potential cannot be left alone…”

Point de vue – Philippe Méziat – Sud Ouest – mars 1996