The pedagogue


“Positive expression is the source of creativity” Jacky Craissac

Jacky Craissac is also renowned as a pedagogue. He is the precursor of an ancestral pedagogy.

Arrived from abroad and carried by his experience and his experience as a professional musician, driven by the need to transmit, he realizes that apart from the traditional music schools and the conservatory, there are no other structures in Bordeaux. musical arts led by professional musicians such as Kenny Clarke in Paris.

He ultimately responds to the need for listening, freedom in front of the instrument and openness of a young audience wishing to work in a different way with a renowned professional rhythm player.

The human being is undoubtedly at the center of his approach.

His clairvoyance leads him to offer courses and internships of inner rhythm because he is aware that it is necessary to develop the expression before approaching the technique and the theory.

In addition to the taste for rigor, he transmits to them the pleasure of playing, gives them the opportunity to express themselves on different stages and integrates them into several of his creations with dancers and painters.

In the 1970s, his path and his educational commitment became clearer.

They lead to what he calls an artistic work of the human being that he develops in his school of artistic expression of oral and vibratory transmission through sound and rhythm in the South West of France from 1970 to 2010.

His non-academic approach is based on a pedagogy which favors the present moment, the emotion and which allows to develop the hypersensitivity which is in oneself.

It is aimed at musicians and artists as well as human beings in general.

Improvisation in all its forms, whether rhythmic, sound, bodily, verbal or vocal, occupies an increasingly large place.

In his pedagogy of the present moment, nothing is set in stone. His creative spirit invites you to always new exercises which are as many new discoveries on the path to self-knowledge, just like that of life.

Its multidisciplinary and creative character arouses interest in various fields: cultural and also social, medical and paramedical, school, university, professional and economic.

He interests first of all: 

In 1984, he participated in raising awareness of the practice of relationship and communication through sound in the departments of Professors Tignol and Bourgeois , psychiatrists at the Charles Perrens University Hospital in Bordeaux. This event was organized by the Poly-Sons association. Among the other speakers, there was the Music Research Group (GRM-INA) , the Jeunesses Musicales de France (JMF) .

The beneficial effects of his sounds on patients challenge doctors and nursing staff, arouse their interest.

It will become a model.

His notoriety as an artist-pedagogue having been acquired, he is invited to participate in exhibitions, conferences, congresses, study days, reading concerts and masterclasses.

We will cite a few interventions :

His powerful and unique work, his transversal approach to music as well as his particular vision of art really have something of interest to the Music sector of the University of Bordeaux Montaigne and the Conservatory of Bordeaux .

The Bordeaux conservatory integrates it in 2007 into an event consisting of:

The Music branch of Bordeaux Montaigne University , interested in his perspective as a singular artist and pioneer, asks him for the preparation of the license and the Music Capes and the aggregation.
His intervention will last until 2010, the date of his death.